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okay, well, as you can see on your display right currently. I simply got a little poor damaging news NASA states the Artemis rocket launch has been scrubbed momentarily time. scrubbed is a no go now. they simply tweeted out right here the Artemis One goal to the moon has actually been delayed. groups tried to fix a problem. pertaining to a leak in the equipment. moving fuel into the rocket however were not successful. They did claim sign up with NASA leaders later today for a press conference. so we are mosting likely to keep an eye on that particular. as well as let you know yet they had tweeted about 47 minutes back throughout taking of the Artemis one. Objective a leakage created in the supply side.

of the 8 inch quick separate while attempting to transfer fuel. to the rocket tries to fix it thus far have actually been not successful. They did claim wait for updates and just a min back, they gave us that update stating that the Artemis One objective to the Moon, Artemis been held off. We had our fingers crossed We had our toes crossed and regrettably it is simply not mosting likely to occur. They did claim teams attempted to deal with that concern. That was connected to a leakage in the hardware. moving gas. into the rocket. however were unsuccessful. We will certainly remain to follow this and also bring you updates as we do get even more details. including when that news meeting is, I am opening up the web link that they carry their Twitter page However as of today, It does not say simply yet what time that information conference will certainly be, we will certainly maintain you published.

right here. at real-time now from Fox and we will bring it live raw and also unfiltered. We'' re mosting likely to step away though for a quick 2 minute commercial break. We will certainly be right back.

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