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One person is in custody after a high school student was stabbed at school Wednesday in a fight over a girl, Fort Worth Police say.

According to the Eagle-Saginaw ISD, a boy at Boswell High School in Fort Worth was stabbed with a small kitchen knife by another boy.

Police said the student, whose name and age have not been released, was stabbed in the back. The district said the student was hospitalized in stable condition.

Police said the fight was over a girl. The unnamed student accused of the stabbing was taken into custody but police did not immediately say what charges he would face.

Boswell Principal Nika Davis said the school was placed on hold, where students remain in locked classrooms and class remains in session, while the incident was investigated. After the hold was lifted, classes resumed a normal schedule.

Davis said counselors and administrators are available for students or staff who wish to speak with them about the incident.

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