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Ukraine retakes 6,000 square kilometers of land from Russian pressures, says Head of state Zelensky. This is News Review, from BBC Understanding English. I'' m Neil. As well as I ' m Sian. Make sure you enjoy to the end to discover vocabulary regarding'today ' s tale. And'wear ' t forget to sign up for our channel, like this video as well as try the test on our website. Currently, the tale. 6,000 square kilometres. That'' s just how much land the Ukrainian head of state says his soldiers have actually taken back from Russian pressures. Volodymyr Zelensky'' s numbers can ' t be confirmed, but Russia has confessed to losing key cities in the north-eastern area of the nation. Russia got into Ukraine in February this year and also still holds regarding a fifth of the country. You'' ve been considering the headings, Sian. What'' s the vocabulary? OK, we have a '' turning factor ', ' on the back foot ' as well as ' concrete '. This is News Evaluation from BBC Discovering English. Allow ' s look at our initial headline. OK. This set is from The Financial Times. According to The Financial Times, the battle in Ukraine has reached a '' turning point '. Which ' s the expression we are mosting likely to look 'at-' turning point '. Now, the word ' transforming ' is attached to modifications in instructions. Is that sense the very same right here? It is, so, as is often the case in this program, we'' re speaking about metaphorical language. So, essentially a transforming point is the factor in a roadway where you can stop and go in a different direction. So, in this heading, as well as alike usage, we use it non-literally to speak about scenarios that are beginning to alter. As well as the circumstance that has actually started to change, according to this heading writer, is that Ukrainian pressures are taking land from Russian forces.And that ' s land that'Russian pressures took when they attacked Ukraine earlier in the year. However this expression has a broader use. It'' s not only regarding war, is it? That'' s right. So, we use it to chat concerning minutes in our life when things start to transform in a truly important method. We commonly utilize it with the verb '' get to
'. So, you ' get to a turning factor '. So, Neil. For instance. You have youngsters, right? I do. And that was a major juncture in my life. Whatever altered. The instructions of my life altered when I had kids. And also Neil used '' significant ' right here, which is a common usage. We usually make use of '' significant ' with ' turning point '. OK. Let ' s have an appearance at that again. Let ' s have a look at our next headline, please. This set is from Skies News. The heading is 'saying that Russia is ' on the back foot '', which ' s an 'expression that means ' at a drawback ' or ' in a defensive position '. And also it originates from sporting activity, doesn ' t it? That ' s right. So this expression'is from sport, most likely or possibly cricket as well as if you ' re on the back foot, your placement is not ready to attack, your balance prepares to safeguard and that coincides as the definition here, isn ' t it? Yes. And also so ', by saying that Russia is ' on the back foot ', the heading writer assumes that they are less secure than in the past. Currently, another version of that expression is '' caught on the back foot '. That'' s right. And that indicates someone is not gotten ready for something. Yeah, and there are some various other relevant expressions with words '' balance ' this time. So, you can be ' captured off balance ' or ' knocked off balance' ' and also once again it ' s linked to being prepared. Have you obtained some examples of these expressions? Yes, I do, really. So, when I was younger and not as trustworthy as I am currently, I worked meeting and also there was great deals of traffic. So, I transformed up late for the meeting. So, the meeting started as well as I was already '' on the back foot '. Sounds like you were '' caught off equilibrium''. I was and also I'didn ' t get the work. Oh, dear. Let'' s take a look at that once more. Let'' s have our next heading, please.OK.

This is from Radio Free Europe/ Radio Freedom. And also so this headline indicates that President Zelensky is requesting more permissions, that'' s measures to hurt the Russian economic climate. Also arms, that'' s tools, to ' cement ' the military gains that Ukraine has made lately. We'' re checking out ' concrete''. Now, ' cement ', I recognize what that is. Yeah, it ' s constructing material. So, it ' s the grey things that you utilize to stick blocks together if you build a house. So, it'' s fairly strong things. Yeah. As you said, it'' s things. However here, in this heading, it'' s a verb-' to cement '. However it lugs the very same significance – to make something stronger. What example can we '' cement '? OK. So, we speak concerning ' cementing' ' a contract, or you can '' concrete ' a relationship or a relationship, yet it does appear fairly official. So, you can say the president ' s browse through '' sealed ' relationships in between the 2 countries, as an example. Yeah, yet I probably wouldn'' “t state “I chose a coffee with Rob as well as it ' sealed ' our friendship.”” No. No, that doesn'' t noise right.That ' s too official here. You might just claim “” we jumped on well””. A quick note on enunciation. So, with the word '' cement ', the verb as well as the noun, we'worry the second syllable. So, it ' s ' concrete '. OK. Let ' s take a look at 'that a person more time, so you can ' cement ' your knowledge of that word. We'' ve had ' turning factor '-things start transforming from below. '' On the back foot' ' – at a drawback. And also '' cement ' – make more powerful. Don'' t fail to remember there ' s a test on our site at bbclearningenglish.com. Thank you for joining us, and also goodbye. Goodbye

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