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Banfield Pet Hospital – Pet Safety Tips for Protecting Your Dog’s Paws from Heat

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Throughout the summer and in hotter climates
the air outside isn'' t the only thing that warms up. Common outdoor surfaces
can also come to be precariously hot. On hot days surfaces such as sidewalk, timber,
metal and also sand can swiftly come to be warm adequate to melt your pets paws. To avoid
injury constantly examine the surface temperature on hot days prior to letting
your animal walk. If the surface is too warm for your hand or foot then it'' s as well hot
for your animal. While strolling search for cooler, grassy surface areas and avoid bare
ground when possible. Likewise, try to stay clear of the most popular components of the day. Stroll early
in the early morning or late in the evening after the pavement has cooled off. Consider investing in a pair of family pet booties to help maintain the heat from
burning your pet dogs paws.Watch for indications of injury in your family pet, consisting of sores, limping, a red or pink shade modification in the paw pads, licking or chewing at the feet or missing pieces of the pads. If you see indicators of injury take your pet dog to see your vet promptly. While warm days are difficult to prevent, heat-related paw injuries are very easy to protect against with these straightforward ideas and also a little planning. For more pet health and safety and security suggestions, watch even more video clips or go to

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