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this is component two if you guys haven'' t saw part one the web link remains in the description below see to it you check it out [Music] what company recommendations would certainly you offer to somebody beginning can you break down the private sales wholesales what'' s that breakdown appear like petey how important is place for a pastry shop in a company such as this or any type of organization your staff members are what makes your organization make or damage today i have about 36 workers below at the end of the day the customers are the ones that are paying your costs so you constantly got to keep in mind that why wind up getting an existing pastry shop versus beginning one from scrape and how did you recognize it was the right company for you the primary point is because i didn'' t understand anything about baking so starting from scratch runs out the place you recognize that'' s a substantial point you don'' t know anything regarding it so a great deal of people ask me like you put on ' t recognize anything concerning baking why enter the baking organization like yeah that'' s an asset however you understand i'' m a danger taker you recognize the very best means to find out however that'' s why you do not as well as there'' s nothing you can'' t learn right if you have the appropriate mindset if you have the right perspective you obtained to be open-minded ideal why slim your possible businesses whatever as long as the important things earns money and you ' re ready to you recognize set up whatever you need to place right into it right you can discover anything so yeah i inform people i have no suggestion i don ' t recognize anything about cooking i indicate currently i know a great deal of points once you understand because i ' m in the organization currently yet when i began yeah i have no making experience whatsoever but i did have organization experience or like company frame of mind you can claim you know not truly organization experience however way of thinking you know that you reached do what you have you got to do to make it function right so at the end of the day that goes a long means you simply need to know that you understand what you ' re gon na make it work whatever it takes that ' s actually what the lower line comes down to you got ta have'the right state of mind that you understand what i ' m in it to win so just remain the course do what you obtained ta do and simply keep at it and you understand ultimately things smooth out and also you come out on top [Songs] manny that ' s the head shaft and afterwards he makes all the magic happen so now we ' re looking at the kitchen and also i understand the bakeshop is simply down additionally along best um what'' s what ' s the percent of people can be found in to eat in the dining establishment versus them being available in to purchase baked products regarding 50 50 on that um no i believe it'' s a lot more like 70 30.70 percent individuals come in and also sit down consume as well as 30 obtain just okay what costs the highest possible profit margin what'' s at the cheapest profit margin currently that we'' re in the start of the pastry shop so undoubtedly bread has excellent margin bread has great money doesn'' t cost much to make quite very easy yeah the only point is the labor yet yeah the bread there'' s excellent margin in bread so now we'' re getting in right into the the bakery component where all the bread is made you recognize that'' s the table where they roll the dough and you know this is where this is a solid yeah specifically as well as this is where all the magic takes place truly yeah so this is the bread chef'' s area i can see you know he'' s he ' s making some mocha white delicious chocolate so he he'' s obtained some chocolate going right here he preps all the cookies the breads all the cakes the pies they'' re all done as well as you put on'' t have a lot of tools what i saw no that'' s what i was attempting to obtain is you recognize we are'artisan pastry shop we put on ' t make use of a great deal of makers except you recognize the stoves and also the mixers are primarily are 2 devices yeah precisely and also we reduced our dough by hand we consider our dough by hand and also every little thing is is done by hand so we wear'' t have any type of dough cutters or anything like that like a great deal of the large bakeshops you understand they have a large production run they do that yet we are purely artists [Songs] how vital is area for a bakeshop certainly you know in any type of company place is vital you understand however, for us it'' s like this place has been below for two decades so people know that this pastry shop has actually been right here so it'' s a quite possibly established business uh you understand so that that makes a huge difference exactly yet if someone'' s intending to open up a brand-new area or a brand-new bakeshop pay a great deal of focus to the foot website traffic you recognize where you'' re opening it i recognize it'' s not the simplest point to find a good location yet location can be something that can make or damage your company so it'' s extremely crucial how lots of workers do you presently have and also any tips and suggestions on locating the appropriate worker for a bakery company hiring and so on in a service similar to this or any kind of company your staff members are what makes your company make or damage you know you can'' t be all over i can'' t be below on a daily basis as well as micromanaging so you truly need to put a great deal of count on your individuals you have to look after your individuals today i have about 36 employees right here 36 working below full permanent and part-time wow including both the restaurant as well as the wholesale side so you actually need to look after your people you know if you have good individuals you look after them they'' ll deal with your business that ' s the bottom line [Music] can you damage down the private sales wholesales and after that possibly the the food and the restaurant and the breakfast that you additionally offer and offer what'' s that failure look like we actually have two pieces to this bakeshop right we have the retail side which is the restaurant in here and after that the wholesale side fine so the company all at once it'' s 50

50. So half an income comes to the wholesale side fifty percent of the revenue enters the restaurant has it constantly been this way do you keep it this way or is your focus to shift one way or one more and why i would love to grow the wholesale side a little much more just since the dining establishment you simply feel constrained to you know the number of seats you have yeah and also it'' s a family members restaurant as we can listen to people are enjoying their food as well as having fun so that'' s good right so wholesale side is what i want to because'there ' s no end to that there ' s limitless capacity there would certainly you after that would you then reduce your retail for one reason or another because you'' re wholesale produced or no no no never fine the retail you understand where it'' s at unless we open an additional area you know that'' s a different different tale yet bulk of our sales are in breakfast since we are recognized as a breakfast joint that'' s mostly what'we ' re known for is our morning meal so your retail is breakfast driven primarily yes i would say like 70 wow fine so 70 yeah and afterwards we do have lunch as well as we do offer lunch you know for the regional businesses as well as there'' s people that can be found in however primarily we are understood for as a breakfast base does your company follow like a seasonal curve here and also there and what'' s an active time and also what ' s a slow break of the year summertime time is definitely our busiest time due to the fact that primarily individuals are out or individuals are out you recognize longer days okay and more people intend to grow up larger appetite yes so definitely summer is good uh for us we don'' t see a huge decrease in the winter season time either due to the fact that interesting let'' s state thanksgiving christmas time uh that is actually a very hectic time for us because we got a great deal of custom orders for cakes uh you understand unique orders come in uh from clients during that time for pies as well as cakes so so we are hectic yeah those 2 months that makes sense though since you'' re it ' s food and also i put on ' t see that changing means way too much yeah we do a great deal of a great deal of business during thanksgiving time for like pumpkin pies as well as you recognize xmases time for dinners various other goodies individuals getting gold bread rolls ciabatta to ensure that'' s an active time for us december unique [Songs] we'' ve had clients approach us like some stores have in fact approached us saying that they want to lug our bread so i really feel really lucky because yeah that goes back to the quality of the item specifically and also you know whole foods patronized prior to i got the bakery but you obtained to look after your customers that'' s the bottom line in organization you can bring your customers if your consumers enjoy whatever is good so you reached do whatever it requires to see to it that the consumer is being cared for you understand if you have a bad badge or something you understand you reached make it right you reached make the circumstance right you can'' t you know always simply resemble you understand what it is what it is it is what it is that doesn ' t work in service you recognize you have to have the appropriate attitude you have to take care of the clients as well as recognize their demands you understand and also that goes a long method because in this market you know individuals will certainly learn right once they recognize that oh i'' m collaborating with wild weed and also anytime i have a concern it'' s been dealt with right now yeah to make sure that goes a long method [Music] is getting brand-new customers or keeping existing comfort clients more vital for bakery as well as what'' s your portion presently for your repeat consumers on an ordinary basis every client is a crucial client whether it'' s a repeat consumer whether it'' s a new customer so you need to treat everyone that walks in this door with you understand with wonderful customer service see to it they'' re obtaining what they require make certain you'' re giving them top quality item over 50 of our clients daily are our regular customers you recognize so even more than 50 yes we have customers that come here daily for morning meal for the last i wear'' t know a lot of years it'' s type of international so we had clients like that also however undoubtedly new clients are essential and also when you you get a client you intend to make certain they come back ideal so you have to ensure that their experience is very pleasurable that they wish to come back and also you understand not only are they mosting likely to come back they possibly bring their buddies or family back right so that'' s truly the secret is whoever goes out of this door has to leave delighted that'' s our main goal [Songs] so you ' ve got several businesses right you know what company suggestions would certainly you offer to someone beginning one or two or 3 that kind of at the top of your mind that you'' re happy to share you know the main thing i state is is attitude male you need to have the ability to do whatever it takes right in business there'' s no days off like if you if something shows up at 10 o ' clock at night you can ' t state i ' ll deal with it tomorrow early morning so mindset is the primary point you understand if you have the right way of thinking if you can put whatever aside and do what it need what you need to do to take treatment of'business that ' s that goes a lengthy means you know since in organization things need to happen when they need to occur right so it ' s an attitude point fine so you got to be able to take care of stress you reached be able to you understand be ready to address a moment ' s see if something goes wrong you have to be you know you are unstable for everything pretty much what about anything else state of mind what else comes to mind just with your experience and also starting four services as well as most likely taking a look at doing other individuals administration ability i think is really vital due to the fact that when you grow you understand you can'' t undoubtedly do whatever yourself it'' s just how you manage your people as well as you understand make sure that your people wish to remain with you they wish to help you yeah due to the fact that yeah retention is is substantial and you understand particularly once you educate someone you invest the time as well as the cash to educate them you desire them to remain right and also training brand-new individuals it'' s expensive it doesn ' t exercise you understand the high quality drops because after that they'' re not consistent right so you need to recognize exactly how to handle people [Songs] what are your future plans for this business uh my strategy is like i pointed out before is to obtain even more wholesale service going uh once we come out of this you know pandemic situation uh i actually require to obtain more you know people on board much more restaurants on board and part of it is maybe broadening our region right currently we'' re just simply one place now yep right currently our consumer base is the higher seattle area so we'' re planning to possibly drop into oregon and you recognize perhaps much off areas like up bellingham as well as towards that side i know there'' s lots of wholesalers not stores fine i'' m speaking about wholesaling that'' s the part i would certainly like to clarify that'' d be outstanding to have your product up in bellingham specifically to ensure that'' s my goal there ' s some logistic things you recognize we need to exercise i know the product is excellent the consumers will certainly intend to have it and they'' ve revealed some interest it'' s just working out the logistics on exactly how to get it carried because our bread below is all natural we don'' t make use of any chemicals as well as it'' s baked on a daily basis fresh so we make deliveries 365 days a year no times off so at evening when the bakers are done the vehicles are available in very early morning three o'' clock and we start delivering to all the shops fresh so it'' s a daily shipment so this is a coffee toasting equipment i roast mountain coffee you understand i buy environment-friendly beans from wholesale you recognize i attempt different regions you know south america colombia and also guatemala so we trying out various beans and i roast my very own coffee here you know different medium dark light roast yet it sort of offers me you know by doing this to trying out different beans and also you know for the consumer to attempt various coffee you recognize every time they come in it'' s it'' s you recognize it ' s slightly different so that includes in the enjoyment you know that'' s something for the consumer stand on in the future possibly we can we offer our beans you recognize up uh in the restaurant so we do offer our beans a lot of customers you recognize they they buy the beans in a one-pound bag so perhaps we'' ll expand on on that particular but that'' s a great deal of toasting yes so i'can ' t do that all by myself it'' s a truly little range right this is simply just to meet the needs of the restaurant precisely however yes our coffee is likewise internal so that goes back into you recognize making whatever in-house from square one that that'' s really the wild wheat way well there you have it men this concludes our two-part series concerning the wild weed bakeshop out here in kent washington hope you men really took pleasure in the story all the questions all the responses that you'' ve taken something away and also you will certainly carry out on some of these things today beginning right now make certain you register for our network hit that subscribe button struck that bell so you don'' t miss out on any type of videos from uplift since we'' ve got some impressive web content showing up not only washington we'' re assuming bigger broader this is for you thanks for viewing

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