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Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial Begins

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>> > > Alec Murdock has been billed with the unthinkable. The implementations currently murders of his partner and boy. However what makes this a lot more stunning is who Alec Murdock is as well as the background of his family in the reduced nation of South Carolina. His household'' s importance in the lawful neighborhood began 100 years ago with his terrific grandpa that functioned as solicitor. >> > > And continued with each generation that follow Alex furthermore was an effective legal representative, he took pleasure in enormous our benefit and impact until his word globe began to decipher. Medicine addiction. Claims of taking from his law office and also from his customers and currently double murder fees. The test was occurring in the very same area where he as well as his family members possessed their power. As well as currently the inquiry is will a Murdoch be convicted by the exact same community we'' re reside in the reduced country for the first day of jury selection in the Murdoch family murder test. >> >'> I ' m Vinnie what a fantastic to have you with us right here on Court TV closing disagreements large large night tonight you know this is the start we'' ve been chatting regarding it for months currently and today lastly the first day of jury selection this is what we do a court TV.We cover big tests and also trust me. >> > > This is a large test. We'' ve covered him through the years from OJ Simpson to that female down in Florida to Jody areas to Kyle composed to police officer Derek chauvin previous policeman Derek chauvin Johnny Depp as well as brownish-yellow heard it'' s always Court television and it proceeds to be Court TV. Our video cameras our microphones inside that court room to bring you every moment. So you can see as well as hear the statement as well as the proof as I mentioned this is a large one Alec Murdock on trial. The first day day one of jury selection. It'' s constantly a considerable day it'' s always the day of where it comes to be a reality. No the build-up to a murder test. It starts, you recognize there'' s a criminal offense as well as they attempt to resolve it as well as they bill someone after that there are rain minutes and afterwards there are all these motions and as well as trying to venture out on bond as well as all this various other things happens.And it ' s

constantly in things you understand it'' s type of like yes there'' s mosting likely to be a test there ' s going to be Trump then it occurs. Today'' s that day. You ' ve got all these people being called out to the court House it ' s time to figure out. That court is and also everything began today. Currently what makes this big trial. A little various than the rest. Is the offender number lady number 2 where it is or is it a town trial.Small town large test. Little town huge test don ' t see that frequently I'a lot of times these huge cases are in large cities are as well as you recognize they'' re in areas where there are great deals and also great deals of people this is a a close knit extremely shut community. As well as it'' s a neighborhood that the Murdochs have belonged of for many years. I suggest Alex dad and grandfather and also excellent grandfather were huge weeks as well as the lawful world in the criminal legal world that solicitor there ' s determining who obtains billed. And what they obtain charged for. And also now everything ' s been shaken up in the low nation. The first day of court choice the huge question though goes to this point due to the fact that of all that power as well as all that influence that they'' ve had with the years exists a hometown benefit.

>> > > For Alec Murdock now I put on'' t recognize I >> don ' t recognize. > > You understand the something that that typically occurs in a large case with all this publicity. The initial thing the defense does they jumpers your honor we need to change the place got to venture out as well as we'' ve reached get out of Dodge we'' ve reached go elsewhere to attempt this case. Alec Murdock intends to be attempted by the individuals in the neighborhood where he has lived and his family has lived for generations. They put on'' t desire some outsiders judging him. An additional interesting part of this instance. Remarkable component of this case. Because of the level of law that they had at one factor and with all those unfavorable as well as it'' s all unfavorable right before test currently to criminal offenders put on'' t obtain great publicity.It ' s generally negative photo which is usually why the attorneys are available in and claim no your honor we can'' t right below these individuals can ' t be fair and also impartial because they'' ve heard as well much they understand way too much. Well simply I think every person learns about this instance virtually in the low nation, however they'' re still going to get a jury and'they ' re going to obtain it where this all happened. Big test chanley painter has the story for us tonight. >> > > >> Do > > >> 13 > > months after the fatalities of his spouse, Maggie and also boy Paul 54 year-old Alec Murdock stood cuffed inside the call it a county courthouse and also was formally arraigned on 2 counts of murder and 2 matters of ownership of a harmful tool in the payment of a terrible crime. >> > > What ' s a Guilty or stand. >> > > Richard Alec murdaugh was born as well as increased in South Carolina'' s low country.He fulfilled his wife Maggie at the University of South Carolina. She belonged to Kappa Delta sorority. They wed in 1993 the next year Allie graduated from legislation college. In 1996 Maggie game birth to their initial son of Buster Paul was birthed 3 years later. Pictures on the Aggies facebook page reveal that Paul was a serious Seeker and also outdoorsman it was Monday 6/7/2021 when Maggie him. >> > > Homered all were located extremely fired behind this shed on this stretching 1700 a for Murdoch property, Alec Murdock informed authorities he got here after 09:00 PM found the bodies and also called 911. >> > > I my spouse as well as little girl >> > > It was just after 10:00 PM when Alec Murdock made his 911 call it was drizzling. It took first responders almost 20 minutes to get to the remote place. >> > > 4147 moselle road clothing up to it currently is bass okay. >> > > Okay that your better half as well as your time.

>> > > And my Lauren. >> > > Cops papers show that less in a min after the crime scene was ill treated reacting officers, Rick provided at the corner be informed. According to the indictment, Maggie murdaugh was fired with a rifle and also homer to was eliminated with a shotgun. Alec Murdock is understood to possess both kinds of tools. >> > > Standing outside the front gate of the Murdoch the state greater than a year after the murder, the premises are overgrown. But it'' s so relaxed and also quiet below in this rural location. >> > > Standing in plain comparison to the mayhem in June 7th 2021. >> > > A 2 lane roadway runs by the Murdoch residential property ozil space location around it Woods as well as low-lying marshes. The shooting deaths of Maggie as well as Paul murdaugh that threw a limelight on the guideline counties that compose the 14th judicial circuit in South Carolina'' s reduced country where them are not named is popular.

>> > > Everyone recognizes the Murdochs you recognize it'' s a it ' s a household name has actually remained in for life. >> > > For 87 successive years 3 generations of Murdoch'' s offered as the lawyer which like an area attorney is the area'' s leading district attorney. Yet Alec damaged with the family members custom as well as remained in personal practice as opposed to pursuing a profession of public solution when you have.

>> > > A family members. That ' s so powerful and also has so much influence. It'' s it ' s easy to go off. The ramps a little. >> > > Prosecutors say that Alec Murdock was leading a harmful dual life for at least ten years before the murders of his spouse inside as well as that he was some deeply in the red as well as had stolen millions from his law office as well as clients and also that Paul'' s crash wasn ' t threatening to collapse his economic House of cards. >> > > This is a clerical case to call me or why this specific individual were his very own life.

>> > > His protection team claims Ali had no reason to murder Maggie as well as Paul and also that the state'' s instance. >> He ' s a thrill to judgment. > > Day one of jury option, allow ' s go right out of Court television lawful correspondent chanley painter join us live from outside the court house and walterboro South Carolina chanley fantastic see you tonight. Inform us concerning the scene at the court house for the first day of this big test. >> > > You have any kind of it'' s peaceful currently. But previously today just a pair hours ago it was rushing and busy as well as I'' ve existed a number of times we ' ve covered this tale from the first day we were right here days after the double murders in 2021. As well as we'' ve been in this court house. Lots of times this differed anything we had actually seen.I was surrounded flanked by least a pair loads new members of the media I'' m below outside the court house as well as they roll on standby this early morning to see out for dot come to the court. He did around 09:00 AM he'' s being held at the Collin Area scream during the duration of his test right here in walterboro he if you keep in mind was really be held in Richland County of earlier where Columbia is however he'' s here for the long run and you can see the video simply bordered by media yet additionally community participants who are simply taking this all in the town of Walter girl has actually been preparing. 4 this test for months that includes the extra safety and security. The media car park that is throughout from me that'' s at the very least the killing of 2. A football The knee as well as we got food vehicles to get to that a 2nd, but I captured up with a pair, those community members that stopped by to take this all in let'' s view. >> > You have this type of people from out of town concerning your town keeping that line. >> > >'It ' s insane us like we ' re in fact on the map for something reason or just a truly village and no one reads about us we go to Charleston as well as well generally we got to stay, we inform people I live near Charleston since everybody understands Charleston nobody knows what.

>> > > You ' ve been an attorney well have you ever seen anything like courthouse. >> >'> I ' ve been a lawyer for 55 years. No I have not I initially exercised in a little community in New Jacket Flemington New Jersey was the residence of the Lindbergh test. So I listened to vicariously concerning what occurs with the trials like this yet I never witnessed it was before my time. >> > > After that he'' s from your house state of New Jacket obtain this is called Bob Durst sound a bell. no relation to the above resort to California yet not much from where I'' m resting right below. There'' s about a six us food trucks that are below they joined to be right here for the long run to serve those court goers the spectators. The prospective jurors at hundreds that came in today as well as the media so it truly has been useful to have that so nearby.

>> > > I see to it those trucks are still there following week. When I make my means to the reduced nation will So. Allow'' s talk regarding court choice since this is a large large situation right. Small territory. I can imagine there could there'' s constantly someone right you might not have actually heard the instance yet I got much everyone'' s read about it so high things go here for Tay one of court option. >> > > So it went smoothly. As a matter of fact the judge made it with 3 of the 4 canales that were cement right here for day one of court option so back in December, 900 court summons were sent by the Fulton Area. That staff of the court. Questionnaires were sent out down to those are the 2 well earlier 4 panels concerning 200 approximately each panel not all appeared of course.Here today
and just for some point of view. This is interesting only regarding 30,000 the entire County called the area the populace below but a great deal of individuals here at the court has to align right out front here to obtain in to fill in the second survey. That was a little bit even worse instance specific for the lawyers as well as the judge. Right Here in South Carolina. The court is the only intend to ask concerns the potential jurors attorneys like the normal see they wear'' t have the concerns that they can submit concerns to the court that the court chooses whether or not he or she desires to ask potential jurors those questions so once again we experienced a 3 panels around 30 or two competent each for hardship, attention whether the Murdochs but they can be reasonable and unbiased as well as get this cash we expect this to cover however possibly tomorrow, not in that gallery did I sealed prospective jurors there were no family members of the murder, the docks are a great deal of police officer agents that explore this situation but additionally a great deal of familiar.Attorneys that we ' ve
been talking with as for standing for those targets of the supposed financial criminal offenses regarding Murdoch. > > With heaven satin field worked for them or >> not family for practically 25 years prior to she eliminated unfortunately down steps and also passed away. He represented to her estate against of the fraudulence that Al Mogg admitted he dedicated against. That a household and also he in fact remained in court today as well as had some perspective when court selection allow ' s enjoy. > > I think in this day and age of the Web and also and simply access to info >>. I put on ' t think we want jurors that live I simply assume we desire yours that might be reasonable and objective and. You basically need to be a living in a cave, if you place ' t listened to the name Alex murdaugh so I believe that that this state and also the defense can eventually discover a fair and neutral jury.You understand the state is seeking order types of people that are policy followers.

That you ' re the defense I would certainly believe would be seeking intellectual people that are questioning. You'recognize evidence that are not scared to examine authority or specific suppositions so you understand I believe Penis is his dreams would love to have an innocent decision. But I believe he ' s aiming for one or 2 jurors to really be strong and be supporters because court area they would certainly bring about a put up court. > > And speaking of Cock harpootlian the lead attorney for Alex murdaugh he expanded tired throughout the day of that you know they would >> transform their chairs and also look at the potential jurors the gallery and also he yawned a lot however he took notes was alert. Exterior up in our cameras show court selection just the audio he invested he accorded and emphasis he bore in mind he spoke with his attorneys he had a a huge pamplin entailed potential juror that had some also highlighted as he sat there at advice table as well as he would I have his glasses as we always see him in Courtney would hold them in his hands and also he would certainly amount to around type of like is he would certainly take a look at the jacket that this class is it is Mel and real motivation looks and also then when there was a break in some of the individual jurors were taken behind the court ' s bench.He was rather Andy Neal with the bailiffs securing him joking Eileen laughing transforming around his chair using extremely comfy as a previous lawyer would certainly'inside a court. > > Yeah that ' s one more various part of this case is that is a legal representative who remains in the accused ' s chair now who ' s been in numerous court rooms for a lot of years chanley painter stay where you are we return we ' ll speak a little bit concerning blood spatter will generate our visitors plus showing up next hr. > > In Chula Vista The golden state mom of 3 Maya million they disappeared greater than 2 years ago.'As well as now her partner Larry has been billed with her murder shocking brand-new proof revealed in court throughout >> the initial hearing, including the last well-known pictures of Maya caught on camera. > > I believe you simply obtain to support Mister is I ' m Bess celebration has actually constantly brought me back to 2 for one point to claim allow ' s got t > > The result in the rest of Europe. Paul murdaugh of blood spatter was the shoe because it was that.Will affirm there >> ' s no light. So I to the DNA place with'to call. We are mosting likely to show that whoever fired him are on the loose whatsoever would > > we ' >> re not attorney refuting the blood spatter proof yet they still wear ' t want it in they still they put on ' t want it in if it is blood spatter once again that ' s a question of fact that this factor >> take a look at what they submitted hear a motion to omit blood the spatter testament of replacement Kenneth Lee Kinsey Richard Alexander Murdoch by and also through the bottom Council moves the court to preclude the state from using any kind of testimony of replacement Kenneth Li Kenzie concerning blood spatter on a white t-shirt Murdoch was wearing when his spouse as well as son were murdered since replacement Kenzie mentions that quote after factor to consider of Tom Devils point of view and now sustains and also follow-up experiments, testing by Tom bevel this expert can not render an opinion on whether the blood spots on Alex white tee are constant with back spatter from a gunfire without a viewpoint on whether the stains our blood discolorations or whether the stains are constant with back spatter from a gunshot and the skilled viewpoint testimony he would certainly supply concerning the stains would certainly not assist.The trier of truth so what taking place below it appears like they the state may have some issues with their professionals in this blood proof us revive in. Pertaining to us tonite outside the court house in the reduced nation Court television lawful reporter chanley painter. Jenny what else can you tell us concerning
this activity to X glued this proof. > > You have any kind of that ' s what the protection wants us to I believe in these activities the state not responding in Bulls, yet we have a motions hearing ideally tomorrow will be a little bit much more. This is so interesting to me I truly no and a little of a nerd regarding the forensics in the case However this tee> it was a white tee shirt Alec Murdock was wearing.The evening his wife and kid were killed in a huge point of contention. This motion today when a 2nd specialist a 2nd blood pattern specialist ' s point of view concerning spatter all guys sure to be omitted. Right here ' s component of this specialist ' s viewpoint regarding that what sheriff claims the front of the white tee shirt includes what seems transferred as well as spatter from staines the reduced in larger stains are not spatter at any type of rate yet trance from an additional object the smaller discolorations that exist after therapy with L C V show up to be I ' ve a lost city so part of the t shirt, according to the experts is it high velocity back spatter from the shooting of a a weapon.It was treated with this lcmv that ' s a factor of opinion also the court files claim that he ' ll see is a technicality Crystal violent another presumptive examination for blood matter what the middle in which human reduced been catalyzes the FOX station LCD to purple cultural would certainly transform his white tee shirt. Purple or this dark blue color to reveal that the spots are assumed to be blood it ' s not can a verification of blood that'presumptive test that those spatter discolorations our blood once more from shooting'a weapon. Now the defense takes concern due to the fact that in court papers it says the side impact of this lcb testing is that impact dangerous ruins the t shirt as we see those pictures the whole church transforms purple with all the details that result in big diffuse watches and also sled legislation enforcement department'right here in South and also excellent conduct in that same examination with luminol which would not have actually ruined church sled chose to save a small quantity the effort at the cost of destroying this piece of evidence. As a result of the L C be meth it and also this is what I expect to learn through the prosecution feedback tomorrow that they will certainly have the specialists to show that that L C V prevents.The moist trace called come verification examination that that ' s that mention is obstructed so eventually this defense activity to claim since they can ' t claim without a doubt that it ' s blood on that particular tee shirt than this bag. There is a relevant issue all be kicked down according to the defense yet we anticipate more solutions from the prosecution so ideally that damages it down a mix a little bit even more sense. > > It First you ' ve obtained it establish that its blood before you can claim it ' s blood
spatter staying right so I obtain where they ' re going.This is a big large'problem it appears just how regarding the DNA checks on the shirts but what did that program. > > This is also really revealing broke it'down due to the fact that they took a number of clippings of this t-shirt and tested for DNA of the system can be greater than just blood right the different types of DNA, so below ' s the failure on this white t shirt again Alberta was putting on. >> Well Lisa police responded after the 911 com. So the back of the tee shirt the cuttings from the back of the shirt favorable for Maggie ' s DNA surveys, teenage Different bottom in cutting of the t-shirt. The initial cutting declared for Paul DNA Maggie ' s DNA left out the second cutting once more from the bottom him favorable for Maggie Hall ' s DNA left out. And afterwards the top front part, cutting of the tee shirt was positive for Maggie ' s DNA all these either left out are ruled out due to the fact that it is associated in us to the various other contributors because example. When we played the sound coming right into this sector cash as well as the auto firm I ' m saying.Paul Dean is omitted. Well that ' s the part of the t-shirt that the experts I think is blood spatter and also the spatter component of that tee shirt Vinnie would certainly have been when the affirmed murderer. So that ' s the problem the specifications much better would certainly be from the shots up all that the close adequate to caused the spatter on the tee shirt but in that reducing where these 100 plus missed out on backs better are organizing a repaired.However it is on other parts of the shirt. >> > > Not the perfect case for district attorneys that'' s what I ' m hearing from'you which ' s what I ' m hearing my jelly pager we'' re going check back in with you in simply a little but it will bring us several of the visitors are joining us tonight. In Port Royal South Carolina criminal defense lawyer longtime relates concerning Murdoch task. Newman is with us in Summerville South Carolina couple defense lawyer previous procedure cute or Susan Williams as well as in Charlotte North Carolina, the creator of the murder podcast effect of influence which will be downloading and install after the program tonight, Matt Harris is with us. All right great to see everyone simply allow me begin with you just how large is this is a big is this a huge offer this blood spatter of the t-shirt, the cuttings the statement of the experts.

>> > > I assume it you simply reviewed the movement. Mean this was a shocking crime scene I'' m in fact seeing photos that have pieces of institution in it a checked out concerning the lcb I wear'' t even understand if they can verify human blood got on that certain read the motion back as well as forth mosting likely to this effort I think the prosecution is team H I think proof is mosting likely to is so bound up it'' s going to >> be inadmissible. > > Susan how vital is this for district attorneys to get this proof in. > > We ' re always extremely crucial. Other items of proof that we might or might not know concerning a state has actually been looking onward to hearing what those pieces of evidence or what the circumstantial or pieces of proof that are actually >> > > not as we take a look at this issue right that this damaged, I indicate is it even clear what he was putting on that day.

>> > > No and also one thing we must explain additionally is the defense has actually stated they don'' t have a chance to do their own testing as well as that ' s a quite big things at the church has actually been ruined through all that the examination as well as whatnot to ensure that'' s important point that was the tee shirt that he was wearing when the paramedics revealed that doesn'' t necessarily imply it was a lack wearing all evening long which he had a layer on was a bit of rain on and off if he was the shooter. So there is there is I think among the big inquiries is considering that they can'' t test it themselves.

>> > > Will certainly it be let in you understand >> > > John let me ask you you believe it'' s there ' s a'chance that it doesn'' t come in. If it doesn ' t been available in. Is is there any simply obtained to be other methods also get him there at the scene but you need to get them there at the scene at the time of the capturings right. Oh certain I ' m a I ' m sure there ' s various other opportunities I mean this this would be massive however from what I ' ve seen and also review the It'it ' s simply wear ' t end up the way they did I assume court Newman is going to lecture inadmissible in what you do as a criminal defense attorney you start drawing that threat.People the first one
in the sea of intially comes all. >> > > All ideal folks our guests are sticking with us when we return we'' re mosting likely to take you to the crime scene as well as >> try to. > > Number out where everybody was situated and what it implies in this situation due to the fact that obviously 2 victims one accused however 2 various >> >'> I ' ve depended on it now is alright and also are they breathing. No ma'' am okay and also that your other half and your time. And also my door as well as all right and what her name. >> > > Maggie as well as Her name. Yes ma'' am. >> > > I am please hurry. > > That ' s the 911 phone call made by out of Iraq. He was there at the scene of the murder of his partner and kid the concern is was he there currently that they were shot and also killed, allow'' s have a look that crime scene best We ' ve got a representation for you obtain a little better suggestion of what was taking location here.And apparently. Paul Murdoch had actually been shot 2 times with a shotgun in the boundaries of 8th speed lower mud space that was attached to several covered but exterior dog runs Paul was discovered on the protected walkway outside the door of this area as well as was uncovered meaning faced on the cement sidewalk. Maggie was a brief range away and also was situated at the Northwest end of the repurpose garage that is now covered shed. Maggie Murdoch additionally vulnerable facedown needs to concern numerous gunshots. From a rifle. Right here ' s the gunfire injuries to Paul Murdoch members a rifle for Maggie huh a shotgun injury to his shoulder head little game shot entry on the leading left shoulder traveling in the anatomical left to right direction and also just the left side of his neck as well as continues into his Ed his brain was severed and exited through the as well as comical right side of the head up trajectory a little front and also back.Brain was entirely did catch from his head no collection stippling incurable. > > Immediate fatality

. > > They ' re both fired greater than as soon as. 2 different tools what ' s going on >> what ' s going >> which criminal activity scene allow ' s revive in our guests still with us Jarrod Neumann Susan Williams as well as Harris Susan. 2 awesomes'. What ' s the 2 various weapons hear what ' s taking place. > > That is you recognize in some cases the killer or awesomes will certainly do points to shake off criminal activity scene private investigators that could be what ' s going on.That ' s where millions are saved. not resemble numerous things with them are off situation. Scenario right here and also you see the scene just breaks my heart. The sufferers in this instance. We ' re speaking about this in regards to forensics that they are. > > 2 people that assumed shed their lives. > > Member of the family that are seeking'justice but one the killer belongs to the family >> or the claimed awesome. It obtains even much more >> for the fam Matt Harris, allow me ask you have there been any type of alternate concept it ' s given that all this took place that have been floated around that. > > Possibly. > > We ' ll find out about possibly mentioned the test or just'maybe a juror may be considering. > > Well I I believe when it originally> broke.No one out >> of'the gate was that the Alec Murdock you still haven ' t needed to the financial crimes thing the Labor Day capturing as well as all things that came after or the recommendation of the alleged opioid dependency so at initially there was talk of perhaps a gang being involved walterboro Cowboys the name that kept coming up. Nevertheless if you look at what took place at that criminal activity scene if these were trained killers it took him 5 shots to handle.Maggie. They made use of a rifle all right I have a shotgun with 2 different sort of ammo bird shot and buckshot unusual. At it doesn ' t look like it would certainly be this. Kind of a qualified assassin or hit man type as a result of that just wasn ' t done.

Well if that were the and additionally I assume one of the problems is for the state I think is mosting likely to us the discussing how a guy might shoot'his child. So graphically while the sunlight was facing and also right in the essentially in the not state to do it because that that right that ' s it that ' s a dive you reached make the stealing cash. > > Huge big issue. Mentioning the cash when we come back we ' re going to speak about some regarding Murdoch ' s economic troubles as well as problems plus turning up next hr. > > On the docket tonight in Santa Fe, New Mexico,'a listing celebrity as well as award-winning actor Alec Baldwin, we ' ll be criminally billed for capturing and eliminating halyna Hutchins on the collection of a film he was recording tonight we show you the moment, Baldwin learns Alina die from the gunfire. >> > > Well, and also really the most awful With. > > 4, 7, obtain injured. > > On Saturday morning February second 2018. 57 year-old Gloria Satterfield dropped down the front steps of Maggie as well as Alex Murdoch ' s house in cotton Region South Carolina. There she had worked as a long-time house cleaner for the murdaugh

>> anchors for even more than 24 years. >> > > For a performance. >> > > Satter area was required to the medical facility but suffered a stroke and also went right into heart attack 3 weeks later she died from her injuries. > > Now after her fatality Alec Murdock met with Gloria sons and told them how we prepare to sue him self in order to secure an insurance policy negotiation for them.He referred them to his friend other lawyer >> in college roommate Corey Fleming they. > > And also Alex is insurer pay 4.3 million bucks and also none of the cash mosted likely to the family members and was divided between Cory and also Alex murdaugh. > > It wasn ' t till the fall of 2021 numerous months after Maggie and Paul were killed. But detectives began tracking Alec Murdoch ' s cash path. Alec Murdock was apprehended in October 2021 billed with 30 counts of monetary criminal offenses in the Gloria Satterfield case as well as held on 7 million bucks bond. > > 6 months later in March of 2022 a court accepted a 4.3 million bucks negotiation in the claim filed by Gloria satterfield ' s sons where he admitted that he was liable as well as consented to pay back the money. Yet her instance was just the start. > > Gloria Satterfield doesn ' t show up to be the only target of were knocked investigators say they exposed evidence that he had actually been doing this for many years about a decade swiping cash from not only customer but. > > Individuals in his law practice in his own member of the family. Complete they state regarding 9 million bucks. > > Alec Murdock is dealing with virtually a 100 matters of financial criminal activities dating back to 2011, consisting of breach of count on cash laundering computer crimes as well as government tax evasion among his claimed victims is a South Carolina Freeway Patrol Mundt Murdoch is charged of stealing$192,000 from I know Mister Martin all as my turn. > > A very good to me really court that right here ' s the He treated me that good. > > And he still living ♪ >
>> > down ahead. From the injury record Murdoch is implicated of conspiring with Russell a feat >> who was head of state of palmetto state bank. > > As well as Corey Fleming Curtis any type of Smith as well as others to coordinate several of his economic criminal offense. > > Which the state claims was intention to kill a great deal of people. > > Thinking this was a murder case and then a few months later on, they ' re from this is a ♪ white all right. > > Another > > factor this test is so different and most the moment spousal murders, it ' s like someone is ripping off on someone or
>> there ' s some insurance policy >> here it ' s different means different allegation by the prosecution has been back in our guest Jared Newman Susan Williams and Matt Harris. >> Still with this chart. > > Why why would Alex murdaugh he ' s so successful is household has had a lot power.He ' s got this land these residences. Why would certainly he be taking from customers. > > Might be for genuine and also over once more provide emotive on. > > Matt Harris, allow me ask you do we believe that he like hidden a great deal of cash somewhere is he damaged at this point does he have cash what ' s his what ' s his current circumstance various other than being incarcerated. > > Well they say he is broke that ' s that ' s words. They haven ' t adequate cash to pay obtained several of these states best thing to pay. Penis harpootlian lawyers as well as individuals are in line out to the beach household from the the boating at fatality Mallory Coastline.

So'there ' s a lengthy line of people waiting to obtain whatever is left when this is all claimed and also done, however if you ' re stealing 9, 9>, 8, 9 Million.You ' re getting an income that at times a million dollars a year right here and also you live in the reduced nation, you ' re not living and as well as as well as call the area as it can obtain I want to know where all the cash went. It absolutely wasn ' t on Oxy as we ' ve been due to the fact that no one alive after 9 million bucks a box so where is it.It ' s gotten it ' s it ' s somewhere or invested in something that you ' re not still 9 million reach charity passed away. So it ' s it was used ins and also some dubious method. > > Susan allow me ask you what influence will this conduct have if the'jury hears it. District attorneys desire to bring
in stating is part of the intention right here. What what do you believe the ultimate him Packwood B though on a jury down there and reduced country they find out about him stealing from customers, swiping from his regulation partners. > > Well then that is'the theory of state. Doesn ' t even allow states is prior. As well as it ' s going to depend on the jury to choose as well as if they can leap from East allegations of financial criminal offense and to murder their the funders of the reality as well as they will have the last word that now we don ' t even recognize if those previous poor acts you >> will certainly enabled into proof that ' s with the pretrial goals. > > And this court doesn ' t suches as to make the phone call right at the time of the test bit different after that most of the courts in great deal of instances we cover on duty. What do you consider the motive here the the affirmed intention. >> That ' s been offered by prosecutors. > > I wear ' t understand I don ' t'recognize if I actually you understand you kill among them also get sympathy for you. Yet I imply that this appear like a game style You know. > > So I simply I can ' t see that also and in with what I learn about Alex that. > > That he even need to'. > > Matt as well as I ' m still attempting to. I got away with this for do we recognize how far back some of this this bad habits with the cash goes. >> > It ' s about ten years is the is the general consensus 10 to 12 years yeah just taking place for a while and also I believe type of a dual edged sword. If the stuff comes in like as well as ripping all these individuals off and also'treat people improperly. >> That provides additionally a great deal of individuals reason to. Desire to obtain vengeance. > > Susan, what would you do if you were the court would you would certainly you allow prosecutors to bring some of right stuff in so >> they can say'their theory of the case because as we ' ve all been saying You
>> require a reason that this individual would encounter his son as well as firing him in the face like checking out him and after that blow his head off. > > It ' s hard for me to my.Sit issues of >> judgment. He is somebody who is a veteran court in. > > I still intend to listen to all if they ' re much more disagreements to be made. > > Before I would make a last choice on that I can see the state ' s position. > > Where whatever type of came down on as well as off at the same time. The monetary part is just one> continual. A collection of occasions. > > I listened to that that resulted in a growing number of. > > Destruction however I can likewise see from the defense side. This basic when a in a situation like this so it ' s mosting likely to be a difficult decision to make I can see both sides. > > You understand if they have the clinical evidence and it ' s a jury type of acquiring that D do you assume it ' s. 100%needed that they require an actual intention in all this. > > Based upon the motion I saw they don> ' t have the clinical proof they wear ' t have the weapons they obtain extremely little forensics. If I were simply knew not split the infant I state you prove the murder as well as now what you put in objective.

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