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A Young Girl Overburdened By Ambition | Crime Patrol 2.0 – Ep 105 | Full Episode | 29 July 2022

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Research study well due to the fact that you
have to end up being an IAS. Naturally. And also you. You ought to use
the phone all day. Your sibling studies a whole lot, after that
you should also examine. You put on'' t need to study. Guides have actually ruined fifty percent
your mind, offer it to me. Daddy! What did I do? I recognize whatever what
you do behind my back! What do you desire
to inform me that I can'' t do anything or it can ' t. sustain you people? And that'' s why you ' re going.

out and also searching for work.That also in a charm parlour.
I do this for you people. and also need cash in the house, papa.
I am fulfilling the task. of being a little girl.
You are a child, wear ' t. try to be a child. If you try to embarrass me in future, I will certainly take. your life, got it? Excellent morning, ma'' am. – Hi. Hi.
Peter.- Yes. You go inside and also. tidy, when you need to clean up outdoors, I. will certainly call you.
Perfect. Now you do not need to use. water in any way on your hair, alright? Okay. Riya, you have magic. in your hands. Oh God! Jenny.
– Yes. You must make Riya a. companion in your business. You will make a great deal of cash.
Well, half the customers. come due to Riya. Right.
Vaishali. Pay attention, will certainly you do.
solution in your home? The product will.
be yours, the price will certainly be more than. what you obtain below.
Ma ' am, I ' ve never ever. simulated this. In fact, I am so. active with job that I do not get time ahead. right here so I am saying.Okay. This time you all got really. less marks in GS paper one. Besides only four people. Every person else has.
done extremely badly. Sanket, you require to research extra. So do something, rest near Riya.
and also learn something from her. Okay. Riya. You know what? It is good that I.
obtained less marks, at least I obtained a chance.
to sit with you. Are you going residence? Yes.Let ' s go. I'' ll drop you. I ' ve a bike. No, thanks. Come on, Riya.
We study in the exact same.
course and also are friends too, so.
you can trust me. We are not good friends, just. classmates. She is fantastic. I love her.
Hello. -Yes, Alpana, inform me. Riya, I have a buddy,
she. has a morning trip. So she needs to get a facial. performed in emergency now. Right now? You will certainly obtain Rs.
5000 in cash money. Mom! -Yes, what happened? I '
ve got a face order. so I need to go currently.
Right currently! No! Your daddy is going. to find, then refuse her. I will get Rs.
5000. in cash money in two hrs. You will obtain Rs. 5000. in money in two hrs. Papa functions whole month as well as.
obtains Rs. 15000 then let her go. Yes, mother. If your father comes after that.
Father will come at 11:00 pm, by. then you will come, right? Yes, I ' ll come. May I go, mama? Please come early.- Okay, mother. Did you like the video clip? That are you? Your question. is incorrect, your inquiry
should additionally be what do you desire? What do you want? Offer me what I. desire, nobody will know.But where did you. get the video clip, exactly how did you make it and. inform me who you are. I put on ' t comprehend anything. I feel like I should. offer my life. You put on ' t state all this. Pay attention, we will certainly do something.
What will we do? We can ' t do anything. If he submitted that video so all would more than. I can'' t also reveal my. face to my mother and father. It won ' t occur at all.
What occurred with you is incorrect. I don ' t even know what occurred to me. I was unconscious. Look, Riya. Prior to the situation. worsens we must call the police. However. -No ifs or buts. The cops will manage this.
Simply provide me 2 mins. I will be right back. Hello. -Riya, congratulations! You have preceded. in your course.
What! That has told you this? I have actually received a message. Riya, let ' s go.
– No, I won ' t go.
I won ' t go

to the police headquarters.
What! My mama has obtained. a phony message that I have actually covered'. in my class.If he can send. this phony message'he can send her. the fake video too. Riya. He is blackmailing you. And you ' re being blackmailed. You shouldn ' t obtain blackmailed.
Look,. whatever will happen currently I will take care of that, alright? Come with me. Simply a minute.
Ashutosh, you are below. without any kind of information! Just like that. I was missing you. I was missing out on.
my senior sister so. I took the initial. flight from Delhi and also I am right here. – Come within. Who is she? She is my buddy Riya. -Oh! Hi', Riya. I am Ashutosh.
Okay. I will certainly depart now. Riya'. What ' s incorrect with her? Excuse me, sir.- Yes. Did you see her?
I didn ' t see her. That is she? Is she your granddaughter? Yes. Who saw her corpse first? -I saw the remains first.I went to the marketplace.- Who unlocked? The door was open. We got in as well as saw. Riya committed suicide. She didn ' t commit self-destruction.
She got murdered. It ' s a fail-safe murder.
Did you or Riya. have any kind of adversary? I have no adversary. Regarding Riya. is concerned
. I have no suggestion. Where were you when the murder. occurred?- I was on duty in Sai Nagar society.
I had mosted likely to the market. at about 2 p.m. Riya went to

residence back then.When I returned house at 5 p.m. Riya was. As well as you? – I had actually been.
to my pal Prateek'' s home. If need be, we will summon.
you to the authorities terminal. Inspect their CDR as well as.
mobile locations to validate if they are.
talking the fact. This can be an instance.
of honour killing, Prachi. Likewise I want Riya'' s CDR. Obtain her good friends' ' numbers.
from her sister. If Riya'' s life was in risk her good friends need to'' ve. recognized it. Additionally enquire. with their neighbors. Yes, sir. Riya was a studious woman. I wonder why dedicated suicide.How was her relation. with her family members? It
was great I mean. But Mukund. Her father. He would certainly always fight with her. Yes, sir. That mid-day,.
Priya was below. We completed our online.
course in our area and she left at 5:15 p.m. Riya was the brightest pupil.
in the coaching course. Did any type of young boy have.
bad purposes for Riya? Yes, ma'' am. There was a young boy. Riya was fed up of him.
I wear ' t know what they. were talking around.
But Riya was furious. I had actually never ever seen her. that furious before. Do you understand that young boy?
Does he research at the very same. mentoring centre?- No, ma ' am.
He was not from. our mentoring centre. Riya was in an issue. and also was incapable to share it. Pay attention. Isn'' t your uncle. a police inspector? Yes. Why do you ask?
– I want to submit a grievance.
– Against whom? Are you in some trouble?
– I will tell you every little thing. However we will certainly go to fulfill your.
uncle when I inform you. – Okay. Then did you fulfill your uncle? Riya never ever talked.
about this again.I thought the
problem is settled. Why sob currently? You need to enjoy. Isn'' t this what you desired? You always wished to. location her under constraints. I have seen. this poor globe, Gayatri. It is a mean area. It victimizes young women. I am cognizant of it. Everyone comprehends.
a mommy'' s like. However no one recognizes.
a father'' s pain. Yes. A boy was harassing Riya. I hope you recognize that.
– No, sir. Did she tell you if she.
was in love with someone? No, she never ever informed me.
anything however. Yes. A child named Sanket loved sister. It was one-sided. Discriminatory? So he is.
the one that bothered her? I wear'' t find out about that since both would certainly speak usually.
– Priya. We can reach Riya'' s murderers.
with the assistance of your statement.Is there something
. we should recognize? Along
with preparing. for the UPSC examination sibling was
working. in an elegance parlour.
Maybe something might. have occurred there.
Why didn ' t you inform us. about this earlier? Due to papa. Papa did not authorize of sister occupying a job. What! Riya has actually been killed! Ma ' am, nobody below. had any problem with her.
Actually nearly all. clients liked her.
If there was no issue,. why did she stop? I wear
' t recognize, ma'' am. She said she intended to stop.
as well as I allowed her. I checked Mukund,.
Priya and also Gayatri'' s alibi. Their declarations hold true. I checked Riya'' s call documents.
I didn ' t discover. anything dubious.
Yet the day Riya ' s murder.
occurred Sanket Agarwal and also Jitendra. Agarwal contacted her.
In the past week, Jitendra. Agarwal called her twice. Isn'' t Sanket the one whom Riya'' s. sister, Priya, informed us regarding? Yes, sir.
Sir, Riya ' s post-mortem and.

forensic reports are here.This case isn ' t as.
straight-forward as it appears. Riya'' s death ' s timing. is between 3 p.m. as well as 4 p.m. One of the most vital truth is that.
Riya was 3 months expectant. The factor for Riya'' s fatality. is mind haemorrhage. The forensic record states that bloodstains were discovered.
on a nail in Riya'' s home. It suggests that Riya ' s death was. created by hitting that.So Riya as well as the awesome. were associated with a scuffle. That'' s what it seems. like, right now, Prachi. However the inquiry is. That impregnated Riya? We need to speak with Sanket. We will certainly learn if both remained in love.
or was it unrequited. What! Riya was killed? However who'' d kill. that innocent girl? Maybe Sanket. His love was unrequited. I-I loved Riya yet when she declined,.
I didn'' t force her. I didn ' t bring up. that topic later since we ended up being.
good close friends later. You were an excellent pal, Sanket. Riya was 3 months expecting. What!
– Don'' t pretend. You'would understand it. You ' re incorrect.
I hadn ' t talked to Riya.
because many months.I wear ' t know. what took place to her. You utilized to chat. to her over the phone. Possibly she informed you something.
Well. Riya was tough working but her affordable. condition was negative.'So I informed her that I ' ll pay the remainder of her UPSC fee. Why did you call her.
on the day of her murder? That day was the last date. for submission of UPSC fee. I called her to inquire about that. Sanket, to recognize what is the. fact as well as what ' s the lie
. We need your DNA examples. -Okay. I ' m prepared.
Sir, if Riya was eliminated.
in the house a person nearby would have.

heard her voice or scream.Maybe the one that eliminated Riya utilized to visit her regularly. No person made a compelled entrance. Whatever is intact. So his objective was only.
to eliminate Riya. '' Hi, it ' s Riya right here. Bear in mind?' ' Which Riya? ' I ' m sending a video.' 'View it.'' ' You ' ll bear in mind whatever. ' Dad, tea
.- Yes. What kind of garments. are these? It doesn ' t seem great. Look, one ' s gown indicates.
their personality. And also we must appreciate.
our society. Sorry, Daddy. I'' ll adjustment.
my gown and come. Ashutosh. You are not liable. I know it. You can'' t. endure Riya ' s separation. However, listen, Bro. It will certainly take a while.
yet you'' ll be alright. Just assure me that you.
won'' t beginning using drugs again after Riya'' s departure.Everything mores than

. Every little thing will be fine. You ' ll be alright. Assurance me. According to DNA record Sanket'' s DNA matched 22 percent with
. Riya ' s foetus ' DNA.
That implies Sanket was right,.
sir. There was no connections. in between him and also Riya.
However Pankaj, it should be. noted that 22 percent matched.
It can either be. Sanket ' s sibling or among his loved one. But that? Just one male can inform us that,. sir. Sir,. you ' re right here all of an unexpected. I had few questions for you for our general expertise. Inform me something. Does Sanket have a brother? No. And also do you have a brother?
– No. Why? Sir, what are you doing? I'' ll eliminate you right here. Tell me. -Sir. Sir. What are you doing? Sir. You raped Riya.
– Sir. Come on! Tell me. Sir, I didn'' t rape Riya. I ' ll send your DNA example and also.
it'' ll be shown in 2 mins. Currently tell me.
– Sir, I'' m leveling. I didn ' t rape Riya. You are mistaken, sir. You won'' t pay attention. I ' ll need to eliminate'you. Sir. You
. Sir, I ' m telling the reality. Last possibility, tell us.
– Sir, it ' s
a service revolver. It ' ll cause an
concern. -Is it? Karde.- Sir. Obtain the unlicensed revolver.
– That remains in the lorry, sir. Okay, get it. -'Sir, I ' ll obtain it. Get it.'- Sir, no. Wait. I ' ll tell you. – Tell me. I didn ' t force Riya. She'concurred to it. What do you indicate? I had an MMS of her.
What is this, Riya? What

is this? Aren ' t you embarrassed to do this? Shall I reveal this video clip. to your papa?- No.'Please don ' t inform my daddy. anything. I ask you. Okay. There is no demand to be'terrified. I ' ll handle it.
You simply look after me. What are you doing? You are my papa ' s. Offer me what I desire or I ' ll show this video clip. to your daddy. Shall I?
No. Aren ' t you ashamed? Aren ' t you ashamed? She resembled your child. She resembled your daughter! -Prachi, control. Prachi. I ' m upset as well. Everybody desire to bash him. However our job is to apprehend him. The court will certainly penalize him.

Proceed chatting.
After that day,. whenever I asked Riya she made use of ahead satisfy me.And when you found. out she is expectant you eliminated her. No,.
I didn ' t know she was expectant. I simply figured out from you. Show me that video clip. you made use of to'blackmail her. Every person is using a mask. We can ' t see anyone ' s face. Exactly how did you get this video clip? Sir, someone sent it.
I wear ' t recognize who sent it
. Karde.- Sir. Take him away. -Hey, rise
. Begin. Prachi.- Sir. Figure out the resource.
of this video clip. Yes, sir. This video can be
linked. to the parlour as well. There are lots of parlours.
in Mumbai where sex noises are run. Possibly this is one. of those parlours.Ma ' am, what are you'saying? We wear ' t do anything like that. And we have a policy.
We provide all the service. inside the parlour. You said Riya had. normal clients. So you were obtaining.
good company from her. Then why did you discharge her? Ma'' am, as I claimed. We have a policy. And Riya was giving our clients individual.
solutions outside the parlour. Whom? Suddenly, ten of our.
clients stopped coming right here. I began doubting eventually I saw Alpana Pandey'' s. message on Riya ' s phone. What was the message? 7:30 at my house. You have to have Alpana.
Pandey'' s address.'I don ' t have her address,'but I. have her number. I ' ll share it. Yes. Pay attention, sir. Do you know where'she lives? I don ' t understand, sir. Please ask elsewhere. Let ' s fire the scene. Call'the heroine soon. She doesn ' t resemble a heroine

She is looking. like an aunt.Why do you cast. such people? Penalty, allowed ' s attempt. Cut. Ma ' am, what are you doing? You appear like an aunt. At the very least act like a heroine. Call the various other heroine. Make her leave. Call the various other one. Sir, amongst the names. that she told just Alpana appears questionable. Many of her videos.
are readily available online. Perhaps that'' s why Ria was. consisted of in the noise forcibly. Do we have her address? According to her mobile number.
her home remains in Delhi. I'' ve told Karde.
to track her mobile phone. Inform the cyber group.
to make it fast to make sure that we don'' t shed them.
Ma ' am, I'found.
Alpana ' s place.
I ' m the owner
. of this level. Yet she is an extremely great. pal of me. I stay in the flat. situated on the ground floor.
Come. Please open this door. Okay.- Sir, she is the owner.

of this level. Sir, we received.
Alpana ' s post mortem report.Sir, Alpana died on 2nd June. in between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. And also the reason of fatality. is too much blood loss. Sir, I located couple of finger prints. on that metal stand. Additionally, we got the CCTV video.
of that building. Sir, consider this. Sir, this got recorded between.
12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on 2nd June. This person gone into.
the building at 1:30 p.m. and left the building.
at 1:55 p.m. Ashutosh goes into the house.
at 2:30 p.m. Then he takes a bag.
and also leaves in haste. Any one of those 2.
could be the killer. Either it is the initial guy.
who devoted the murder. After that Ashutosh got in your house and also when he saw the carcass.
he left in rush. Or Ashutosh gone into.
after the initial individual left dedicated a murder.
and also after that left in haste. Sir, I had actually shared.
Ashutosh'' s Delhi address to the Delhi authorities. They may catch him any kind of. Hello there.
Great. Thank you. Sir, Ashutosh. obtained apprehended. They are bringing him. Good. Sir, it ' s paining. Pankaj, he is telling us. Let him talk.Leave him. Tell me. I ' m telling the fact. I didn'' t murder her.
However the truth that. I couldn ' t murder her will hurt me all my life. What do you indicate? Sir,.
I was deeply in love with Ria. Yet she messed up Ria'' s life. Ria, I intend to speak to you'.
I don ' t want to. talk with you anything. Ria, but what ' s the issue? Ashutosh, put on'' t develop. a scene here. You constantly produce a scene. What do you imply? Riya, I enjoy you. And also trust me,. I will keep you pleased. I trusted your sister as well. But what did she do? She just destroyed my life.
What do you mean? On her suggestions, I went. to a location to do facial.Look, you have blackmailed me. So, I did.
all this against my will. However leave me now, please. I am not that kind of a woman. I put on'' t treatment. regarding your identification.
Simply take the cash. and keep peaceful. Kirti is behind all this, right? I will certainly lodge a compliant.
against her. You are her henchman, right? He is my man. Look, Riya. You'' ve currently shed you dignity.
due to the fact that of that video clip. So, simply listen to me. Deal with me. As well as make cash.
– I put on'' t want cash! I wear ' t intend to make money.
like that. Listen, if you even more try to call me as well as blackmail me after that I will certainly take my life. See, that'' s your loss. After that I will take aid.
from the police. And I will certainly provide statement.
versus both of you.So, Alpana destroyed your.
cherished'' s life.
That was factor sufficient. to eliminate Alpana. No, count on me, sir. I didn ' t eliminate her.
So, tell me. On the second,. when Alpana was killed. Why did you flee to Delhi. as opposed to going to the authorities? The day when I concerned my home.
in Mumbai my sis was already dead. So, I thought I will end up being.
the suspect. That was that male.
who utilized to help Alpana? The one who tried to give cash.
to Riya as well as was blackmailing her. I have no idea, sir. Yes. But. A guy called Manoj.
used to work for her. He often sees our residence. Is this the guy? Yes, sir. He is the one. He is Manoj. Pankaj, take his number.
and put it on security. Okay, sir. Hello. Okay, penalty. Sir, we have actually found the source.
of that video. “” Riding the horse.
is a lot fun!” “” “Riding the horse.
is so much enjoyable!”” Crime Brach, Mumbai. My dear.
– We desire to speak with you.Ma ' am. Might you please take.
the child inside? Come, my dear. Sir, you can'' t endure authorities'' s. treatment at this age. So, inform us the truth. Where did you obtain this video? Why were you looking.
for this lady? She was blackmailing everybody. Sir, I am a retired.
as well as sensible guy. Where would I obtain a lot cash? Just how a lot was she requesting for? 20 lakh rupees. We were afraid that my family.
would find out about this. That would have destroyed.
my online reputation. You people molested a girl. And you are talking.
concerning self-respect? It'' s plainly evident who. individuals in the video clip are. What type of joke is this! I'' m a political leader of a celebration! How dare you bring me here! One telephone call and also IG and also DIG.
will certainly be below to release me as well as to offer you.
your transfer order. That do you think we are? We'' re a crime branch group. Understood! Sit! Call IG or DIG. Even if God comes here. I guarantee you,.
you'' ll go prison today, not house. The video as well as their declaration.
verifies that you people raped Riya. It'' s true that we had.
fun with that girl.But we didn ' t document the video clip neither did we eliminate her. Hang on. This message. Riya is blackmailing us. The lady you'' re speaking about is lengthy dead. Another person has actually been.
blackmailing you. It'' s the
guy who utilized. to supply women to you. Manoj
? -That ' s right, it'' s Manoj. Pankaj. Book them for sexual harassment.
as well as rape. Sir, Manoj'' s phone. has actually turned on.
The place? – We have it. -Pankaj.- Yes, sir. Manoj, you ' re clearly visible.
in the CCTV video footage. Your fingerprints.
get on the murder weapon.You have no other
option left. Be sincere,. why did you kill Alpana? Sir. I'' ll tell you. Allow'go. I ' ll tell you!- Proceed. You killed Alpana for cash. Why did you kill Riya? Since Alpana informed you to? We didn'' t kill Riya. We ' d failed to remember regarding Riya. Nevertheless she paid us a go to two days prior to the day.
she was killed. Exactly how attempt you go after my sibling! We didn'' t do anything.
to your sister. Exists! We were on the road today. I relocated from the spot.
for a number of minutes when a person came and also. Hey, what price do you choose? What the hell are you claiming?
– What? Your sibling does prostitution yet you act to innocent. Include me quietly.
or I'' ll take you forcefully. Let go of me! Are you leveling?
– Yes, sir.Why would I exist? Sir, why didn ' t Priya tell us? Yes, sir. I didn ' t tell you about it since I hesitated that if my father discovers. out about this after that he would force. me to get married.Did you speak with your sibling? Yes, sir. Sibling, what is your task? What are you claiming, Priya? Come on. They said you are
a prostitute. – Priya! I recognized my truth would be
disclosed to every one of you. But I didn'' t recognize it would come out similar to this. And that'' s why I decided to devote suicide. After that you ought to have done it. At lease we would certainly be totally free. Priya? Priya. Okay. You informed us that
on the day of the murder you and your good friend. What is his name? Pratik.You were participating in online course of Rajesh tutorial, right
? Look Priya, the important things is we have all the date from that day.
And also we understand that both of you didn'' t login on that day. Karde. Look, your close friend has confessed his crime and also the handwriting on the letter matched with his. That'' s why tell us the reality. You still have time. Yes! I eliminated her. I was angry at her. As a result of her on that day on the center of the roadway those guys. They touched me throughout. That'' s why I made a decision to kill her. Sister, we have something to speak to you about. I intend to speak to you as well. What do you guys intend to talk about? Priya, you didn'' t speak to your sis. You only questioned her. You sister was a sufferer of a circumstance. She was powerless. There are lots of women like her that are brought right into this mire powerfully as well as they obtain caught there for life.They can ' t
venture out. But your sibling revealed courage. However you ended up being egocentric heard only half the story as well as eliminated your sister. Take them away. Sir, in this UPSC publication numerous topics pertaining to ladies'' s safety is mentioned. Like fast lane court stringent examination on women against criminal activity. Regardless of having all that the criminal activities on women are raising. Prachi, what is occurring is wrong. We are below to quit it. But the mental injury that a target experiences only their family can assist them.If Riya had actually informed her family about what occurred to her then possibly she would ' ve been safe from this mire.
But this is the problem, Prachi. We just consider ourselves. We have to beat this narcissism.
The day it is defeated that day everyone will certainly win. Priya Karmarkar. Pratik Extra. Manoj Gaitonde. Pramod Shinde. Kiran Deshpande. Om Bapat. Jitesh Agrawal.

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