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7 dead in Half Moon Bay shootings, suspect in custody

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truly appreciate your time tonight. Thanks. All right. We wish to proceed our group protection of this mass shooting in half Moon Bay. Allow'' s get now to KTVU Jana Katsuyama, that is joining us now live from among those two shooting scenes that we discussed here. Both of these are just being referred to as farms or nurseries. Janet, inform us exactly where you are. So Alex. We'' re at 501 San Mateo Roadway, which is additionally highway 92. I'' m going to tip apart so you can see the scene ideal here.Now.

This is really near Spanish town, which is has a shopping area. Yet in the back there are that'' s a farming area. There are greenhouses and you can see that they have actually collected gathered a whole lot. Of police officers, private investigators. We heard the FBI arrive just a brief while ago as well as Heather was asking regarding witnesses. Well as they were going in, I did hear them pointed out that they were calling for translators so they could speak to a few of individuals who were below. This is where we comprehend. 3 people were killed. Now, if you have a look at some video clip, we have new video tonight of the various other shooting scene that happened on Cabrillo Freeway. On the 12,000 block at the rice, trucking as well as soil farm. That is where the initial telephone call came in about to 22 this mid-day. That had to do with several individuals fired. When constable'' s replacements arrived, they located 4 people dead. And that was that 5th person that we have actually been hearing regarding who was injured at that website and after that required to Stanford Hospital.Now if you look

at several of the video that we have from the chopper sky Fox also. You can see how broad this location is. They have actually brought in lights. They are had criminal activity scene investigators below along with a K nine system that experienced. We did just a brief time ago here from San uh, one of the San Mateo Area supervisors that was discussing this heartbreaking, heartbreaking several shooting below. Here is what he needed to state. We grieve tonight for the To discontinue participants of our neighborhood. This is a horrific event, one that we would never imagine would occur in San Mateo County. Violence in this country. Is that completely undesirable levels.It ' s really struck residence tonight. Our hearts are broken. We are deeply happy for one enforcement for their work'this night. Yet ultimately, there are simply way too many guns in this nation. And there needs to be a modification. This is not an acceptable method from contemporary culture to live conductors events. And right there you learnt through San Mateo Region board Supervisor David Pine once again speaking about this this awful loss of life. Seven individuals who were killed back below live at the 501 Salmon tail roadway area. You can see they keep generating even more lorries. There are much more detectives who maintain being available in the back. You can see there ' s some lorries that are boiling down a roadway which goes back. Back to the location that has the greenhouses and we comprehend that there were a number of individuals that are back there.We also saw some people being permitted to leave about an hour ago. They did not claim anything. They didn ' t wish to chat.

I asked them if they had any kind of remarks. But there was, you understand, I think a great deal of emotion right here. The pastor got here and there is, you recognize a whole lot of work. I assume that they are still trying to do attempting to collect evidence below, although they do as you listened to, Zack claim, have the suspect in protection. Alex. You can just imagine the trauma that every one of the people and also at that company as well as the other service experienced this afternoon and also what they will certainly experience in the days to find here, Jenna.Okay. Obviously we are still all functioning to kind of item together. All the dots right here. What link? Do we understand regarding in between your

place, The farmer, the baby room where you are, and also the various other place where the various other capturings take place. Well Alex. I think that ' s actually what they are trying to figure out and also having the extra sources not simply if San Mateo County sheriff yet the FBI being available in to attempt and assemble that together.These are very close. If you view on a map, we ' re only around 7 minutes far from that other location on Cabrillo Highway, So it wasn ' t a huge distance. This is an area which many people you know that have actually been below. No there are ranches all throughout this location, So I think that is the essential concern that they ' re attempting to get to tonight. Here. Yeah, and also Janet, You pointed out individuals leaving the scene. I ' m simply questioning if you get a sense that that there were several individuals who'witnessed this or if this was maybe, and off time there at the nursery, and there weren ' t as many individuals as there would be earlier in the day.Well it ' s a little tough for us to return there since it is pulled back a road just behind me where you see all the lights, to make sure that is where we understand. There is even more of the location

where the farm is. We saw possibly 4 or 5 people who left. Um they didn ' t wish to talk. We do know that they call translators here, so I that leads me to think that there are other individuals here.They are keeping right here to talk with you about what took place. Um, And after that definitely, you recognize, as suggested, with the pastor getting here, there ' s a great deal of emotion, a great deal of sorrow and also this is such a small community.

Several of the people that I talked with who weren ' t in fact at the website as well as close by to ensure that they ' re extremely concerned, and also they ' re'very concerned about who those sufferers might have been. As well as I ask you that concern in relation to witness however witnesses because it seems'as though Constable ' s officials obtained truly crucial info truly quickly.I suggest, the constable ' s department had a summary of the suspicious vehicle they knew that they were trying to find. And afterwards, as quickly as that constable ' s replacement got obtained view of the lorry and also a description of the suspect lined them both up and afterwards made that that apprehension so thank you, Janet. I understand you ' re mosting likely to be spending the remainder of th.

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