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4-Day School Week Working in Mineral Wells ISD

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At Houston Elementary in Mineral Wells, Principal Jacy Roach managed to do something that many school leaders dreamed about.

“We started the year without any openings which in this day and age is a big deal,” Roach said.

In the midst of the largest teacher shortage our nation has seen, Mineral Wells ISD held on to its staff. They moved to a 4-day work week. Fridays are now part of the weekend here.

“My assumption was that parents would be opposed to it for additional needs of child care and that sort of thing and it actually was that poll came back and it was 70% in favor,” said Superintendent John Kuhn.

Their research showed schools that did it were successful and with the first nine weeks wrapping up in Mineral Wells the news looks good here too.    

“Our data is showing what it did last year in a 5-day week, even a little bit better. I’ve been impressed with my staff and how focused they are,” Roach said.

The plan makes the school day a bit longer, summer break shorter, saves the district money and keeps both teachers and parents happier. It’s been such a success, larger school districts are taking note calling Mineral Wells for updates.

The real test comes at the end of the school year when students take STAAR.

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